A break from copywriting — chicken broth for the win

So here’s the deal.

I spend my working life with great clients, writing copy that promotes what they do: grabbing folks’ attention and hopefully pushing some business their way.

Ironically, I’m not so good at doing that for my own business. For starters, most people find it notoriously hard to ‘big up’ themselves, and secondly I’m really lucky that, by and large, referrals from contacts and clients keep things moving on rather nicely for the type of small business I have.

Which got me thinking about what I should actually use my blog for.

Sure, let’s talk about words, grammar and all that good stuff (you’ll notice I’ve no issue ending the last sentence on a preposition).

But what about the challenges of working alone? How does a full on self employed life square with looking after a family, running a house, and trying my best to keep fit and get stronger (more on that to come, honest).

So I’ve decided I’m going to put up some non-copywriting posts. Starting with — because it’s all getting a bit autumnal here — a quick and easy chicken broth recipe I created recently.

For folks who are busy — and who isn’t??!! — I’ve found my Instant Pot pressure cooker just fantastic. No, I don’t work for them, I just think mine’s ace. I’m sure any other electric pressure cooker would be just as good.

If a quick, easy, nutritious meal for the family that you don’t have to watch and stir is your bag, then have a wee look at this. I made it using leftover chicken from the night before.

  • Chop two onions and two carrots, sauté them in some rapeseed oil
  • Add 190g pearl barley and 1litre of chicken stock
  • Put the chicken carcass, with meat still on it, in the Instant Pot, I removed the skin
  • Season it then cook on manual for 30 minutes, and ten minutes NPR

When I opened the lid, I took all the meat off the bone (discarding the bones) — it was just falling off, and added in (on sauté) a couple of handfuls of frozen petit pois that I’d defrosted in a sieve by pouring over boiling water. I added another 500ml stock so it was a little less of a chunky soup (you could add more or less depending on preference and amount of chicken left over) and seasoned to taste.


Chicken broth – yummy!